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About Us

Fidelis New Energy, LLC is a unique decarbonization enterprise developing and operating multiple synergistic infrastructure GigaSystems™ that generate climate-positive, stable, and predictable EBITDA in our focus sectors:

  • Carbon Management: Development and operation of CO2 capture, pipelines, sequestration sinks, and infrastructure
  • FidelisH2® Carbon Neutral Hydrogen & Ammonia: Lifecycle carbon neutral hydrogen and ammonia utilizing patented FidelisH2® technologies
  • Renewable & Low Carbon Fuels: Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, and renewable naphtha
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal Projects: Carbon dioxide removal credit generation through Fidelis projects
  • Carbon Neutral Data Centers: Hyperscale data centers with a pathway to carbon neutrality
  • Industrial High Impact Greenhouses: Hyperscale greenhouses using captured waste heat and CO2 from FidelisH2® hydrogen production to lower the cost and environmental impact of food production
  • Technology Integration & Licensing: Licensing of proprietary technologies created by innovatively integrating proven technologies from leading global providers

Using our proprietary RACER® framework that incorporates environmental impact factors throughout the project lifecycle, Fidelis optimizes total value and creates a circular economy for current and future generations. Fidelis, including its Senior Advisory Board, brings over 500 years of  collective infrastructure experience and have deep experience in the development, delivery, and operations of several billion-dollar large scale complex infrastructure projects.

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Benefits of Registering

Registering places your company in our database of subcontractors and material suppliers


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Positive Environmental & Community Impact

Fidelis New Energy is committed to making positive impacts on the environment and the communities our projects operate in. Through Fidelis’ proprietary RACER® frameworks for environmental and community impact, our projects are designed to engage with local industries, businesses, and communities, as well as deliver significant environmental benefits.
Our suppliers are an important part of Fidelis’ positive environmental and community impact and we seek to utilize local and diverse suppliers in our projects. As such, we have partnered with Empact Technologies to implement a supplier and stakeholder management platform. Please register through Empact if you are interested in registering in our supplier and stakeholder database and include any relevant environmental and community impact information pertaining to your company.

Information About Registering

Fidelis appreciates your support in our efforts to digitize and enhance our supplier relationships. Empact Technologies is our primary platform for supplier registration, qualification, and management. All suppliers must create their company profiles and provide the following information:
  • Company description 
  • Products and services
  • Sales contact information - including email and mobile phone
  • If you are an on-site contractor, please provide us with your safety qualifications as well